About Us

Simply put, we are a bunch of sinners saved by grace and gathered to the name of the Lord Jesus Christ.

We are a group of believers who come together to study God’s word and share the gospel according to the principles set out in the New Testament. To see what we believe, check out the “What We Believe” section on this website.

Currently, we have forty Christians in fellowship at Crapaud Gospel Hall. We come from all over central PEI to worship and fellowship together. We do not belong to a denomination. Though there are other gospel halls across PEI and around the world with whom we are in fellowship, Crapaud Gospel Hall is its own entity.

Crapaud Gospel Hall was established 80 years ago after a number of people in central PEI were saved and sought to gather in a local church that conducted itself as local churches described in the New Testament. They first met in the Crapaud Community Hall, and then in 1935, they built their own building with many of the Christians doing the majority of work themselves. Over the years, people have come and gone–moving to new provinces, new areas, new countries, etc. Through it all, God has sustained us. He always meets our needs.

After praying for years for a much-needed new building, God opened doors for us to build in 2012, and in 2013, we were able to move into the new hall. Please come visit us!